The true color
of wine

SommOled is the first pocket lamp in the world designed to display the true color of wine.

Visual analysis is the first and most fundamental exam to understand the quality of a wine. Too often, the surrounding conditions do not allow for this analysis to take place in an adequate or satisfactory manner.

  • + Restaurants and Lounges

    Suffused or inefficient lighting

  • + Patios and Terraces

    Excessively dark or dim

  • + Trade Shows and Fairs

    Artificial neon lights that are too cold

  • + Tasting Tables

    Variable lights and surfaces not suited to visual analysis

  • + Wineries

    Poor lighting

The sun
in your pocket

Thanks to OLED technology, the lamp easily illuminates the glass and its contents at a luminosity similar to that of the sun which enhances the ability to visually examine wine, liqueurs or spirits in any environment.

Sunlight is neutral, diffused, and uniform. It is the best light source to appreciate the color of wine. SommOled garantees the maximum precision to the color temperature of sunlight.

  • + Color

    + Trasparency

    + Opacity

    + Consistency

    + Effervescence

    + Wine shades

  • Traditional incandescent or halogen offer warmer and yellower temperatures than sunlight

    While reaching a color temperature similar to SommOled, fluorescent lamps and LEDs do not guarantee the same standards. They are point lights, which produce more heat, besides being decidedly more bulky and less practical.

A professionale
and impressive tool

The SommOled design is capable of meeting different professional and lighting requirements: the analysis of wines and cocktails, presenting wine or spirits at tasting tables, or illuminating a table and dishes.

SommOled is an effective sales tool that can aid in training, teaching, marketing and communications.

  • + Staff Training

    More effective communication with the end consumer

  • + + Sales Representatives & Trade tasting

    A tool to ease the facilitation of sales

  • + Promotion

    A gift to incentivize sales

Portability and design make SommOled a useful and unique object that is suitable for the most demanding sommeliers and wine lovers.

  • + Sommeliers, professional tasters, mixologists

    Detailed analysis of the wine / cocktail without compromise

  • + Wine lovers

    An elegantly designed, must-have object that increases the pleasure of good food and wine

One lamp,
many functions

The SommOled is designed to meet different professional and lighting requirements.

The SommOled light is designed to increase the aesthetic pleasure of wine, which in turn enhances the overall tasting experience.

  • + Bar & lounges

    Illuminating bar coasters

  • + Trade Shows & Events

    Strengthens the communication and promotion of wine

  • + Walk Around Tastings

    A tool that enahnces the public’s experience with tasting wine

  • + Restaurants

    Thanks to a special stem, SommOled can be suspended as a luminous centerpiece for illuminating wines, dishes, menus and wine lists